Our Philosophy

Nurturing healthy little heroes today to foster a sustainable future tomorrow

At little Seed Early Learning Centre, we are committed to provide high-quality care for your “whole” child in a safe, healthy, holistic environment.

In our loving and peaceful environment, we believe we can easily practice many of our guiding values which include respect, family involvement, kindness, fairness, wellbeing and children’s sense of belonging.

Our vision is all about caring, loving and respecting one another and learning from and of the land. We put our children and their future first. We believe that our daily actions and decisions can actively support our children and their families to create a healthy, happy and sustainable future for all.

Family Involvement

We are your partner in the child-rearing process. We value open communication with families and hope to be a valuable resource in the adventures of parenting. Our doors are always open for parent/guardian visits and we love to talk to you and discuss your family and child’s needs and interests .


Our children, our future, our responsibility

At Little Seed Early Learning Centre, we are committed to protecting the future of our children by encouraging a sustainable future for all.  Our childcare centre actively participates in caring for our environment and promotes sustainable daily practices with our children, our families and the wider community.

Our journey towards a fully sustainable childcare facility includes:

  • Re-use and recycle program. Using recyclable materials where possible and encouraging children to re-use/recycle paper and other materials at home and at the centre.
  • ‘Garden to table’ activities i.e. seed sprouting, vegetable gardens, cooking and more…
  • Promoting awareness of the environment through ‘green housekeeping practices’ such as healthy eating, gardening, minimising waste, recycling and reducing water and energy consumption.
  • Developing children’s understanding and respect for the environment, and encouraging critical thinking and discussions around sustainable practices.
  • Utilising environmentally friendly products (where possible) such as non-toxic art supplies and natural educational resources.
  • Minimising waste through the use of composting and worm-farms.
  • Minimising the use of hard and soft plastic by actively looking for ways to avoid unnecessary plastic resources or products with plastic packaging.

What is sustainability

Sustainability is ‘environmental education’.  Learning about our environment and how the natural systems around us function. It’s about what we need for our survival and wellbeing related to our natural environment.


refined sugar-free, Natural & wholesome

Nurturing little seeds into healthy young people

At Little Seed Early Leaning centre, we understand the importance of high quality, healthy meals. We grow our own organic veggies and fruits, and we strive to serve only natural whole foods from our local market when available. Our foods will never contain unnecessary artificial preservatives or contain unnecessary refined-sugar ingredients.

We believe that healthy eating habits begin at a young age and that children are strongly influenced by adults and their peers! Our teachers will model good eating habits and will sit with the children during mealtimes to encourage them to eat with appropriate table manners while they interact with each other.

We also encourage our family to participate in our ‘garden-to-table’ program and are more than happy to learn about your family’s secret food recipes, and your family’s knowledge about growing organic fruits and vegetables.


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