Little Seed Philosophy

Children, like seeds, are small but rich with possibility. Sow with care and reap healthy young people with enormous ability.

At little Seed Early Learning Centre, we are committed to nurturing the “whole” child in a loving, safe, healthy and holistic environment.

Our ethos

  • To love our children and to protect their future 
  • To learn and grow together from and of, the land
  • To create and innovate together as one big family

Our vision:

Is about putting our children and their future first. We believe we have a specific kaitiakitanga “guardianship” role and obligation to families, the environment, and the future generation, ensuring sustainable knowledge and practices continue.

We learn and grow together by practising and embracing many of our guiding values which include Atawhai “kindness and generosity”, respect, love and fairness through our daily practices and relationships in a loving and peaceful environment.

We believe in creating an environment where our ideas can connect. Creativity and Innovation are our unrelenting drive to inspire a modern way of providing early childhood education where sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Little Seed | Practical Learning


We believe in creating a peaceful environment that allows each child to learn through hands-on and meaningful experiences with people and the world around them.

Qualified Teachers

Our highly qualified educators lovingly care for children aged from 5 months to 5 years at our early learning centre.

We value communication with our families


We value open communication with families, and we cherish the opportunity to discuss your family and child’s needs and interests with you.

Little Seed ELC Natural Environment


Our early learning program is play-based with curriculum priorities based around exploration and wellbeing.